Freddie Sorensen

Speaker Bio

After initially wanting to be a psychologist, and getting my MSc from the University of Nottingham, I freaked out and decided that that was a bit serious and got an internship in TV production at MTV instead. 

I worked in TV as a freelancer for 8 years, mainly on big entertainment formats, and ended up as a Senior Producer on shows like Britain's Got Talent and the Royal Variety Performance. 

In 2007 I set up an events company with a friend as a side project. That endeavour spawned Rebel Bingo - a new, intense, emotional and dramatic style of bingo which weirdly became a global bingo revolution. Somewhere along the way I also realised my suppressed childhood dream of being some kind of performer and became the on-stage host of Rebel Bingo. 

Rebel Bingo got pretty big and at one point we were regularly selling out 1000+ capacity venues in cities across the UK and America. After a few years living in LA, hosting and producing shows from Ibiza to Las Vegas, I fancied a bit of normality, so I came back to London. At some point I also got really into podcasts which re-ignited my interest in psychology. I started watching loads of online lectures and going to lots of talks.

Around the same time I was trying to help my nephews with their A-Levels. I was amazed that in this age of intense innovation, with the likes of Pixar and Marvel pushing the boundaries of technological innovation to tell stories and engage people, school hadn't developed much at all. It seemed exactly the same as when I'd been there, 20 years before. 

So school was still boring. Lots of the talks I was going to were boring. It felt like there was room for something in that space that was a bit more exciting, more dramatic, more something. So I started Rebel Lectures, which is trying to be that. I'm not really sure what it is yet, but it's going well and I really like it. 

Throughout all the above, at various times, I also got really depressed. It got really bad. So I had to learn a lot about that and about myself. I talk about that a lot in my lectures because being depressed has really helped me.

More recently I launched a new bingo concept called Bingo Academy, the goal of which is to “Make Bingo Great Again” by empowering a new generation with the skills and confidence to truly enjoy the game that has brought me so much. Its latest iteration is a high-end swanky version for people who want to enjoy great food and delicious cocktails with their bingo.

My secret, ultimate goal is to revolutionise the education system. I won’t achieve that. But you've got to have a go at these things haven't you.