Rebel Lectures - sky - photo by Mary-Alice Thompson - rights owned by Freddie Sorensen.jpg



monday 25th february 2019

7:00pm @ The Kitty Hawk, EC2

Are you a total baby when it comes to public speaking? Are you worried that you sound boring and everyone hates you? They probably do. But don't worry, Rebel Lectures is here to help.

This talk will look at how the great revolutionary speakers in history can help you make your presentations at work less boring.

The lecture will be delivered by Freddie Sorensen: experienced public speaker, founder of Rebel Lectures, podcast addict, emotional wreck, and leader of the most aggressive revolution in the history of bingo. 

Tickets are cheaper the further in advance your get them. A very limited number of Super Early Bird Tickets start at £6. There is no difference between the differently priced tickets. The venue has a full bar and food menu and you can eat and drink during the lecture.

The lecture will last about an hour.