The Problem with Atheists

So I think about God quite a lot these days. God is a complicated idea. People don't generally like complicated ideas. And it doesn't get much more complicated than God.

I think a good distinction to make is between God, as a thing, and the idea of God, like just the idea of the thing. I'm more into thinking about the idea of God. Like, why do so many people believe in God? That's a more interesting question whether or not there is a God. Whether or not God exists doesn't have much bearing on anything. It doesn't change anything. It's not the point. 

It's weird listening to people argue about whether God exists. It's usually some scientifically minded atheist like Richard Dawkins saying something along the lines of "why can't you silly people understand that there is no God and we don't need one because science can answer everything". I think what he's really saying is "why can't everyone see the world like I do, I don't like it when people don't think what I think it makes me feel weird". Then a very religious person says something like "science can't even understand the kind of stuff that God deals with, God is about faith, not science". And then they argue until one of them gets tired and goes to bed.

What's important to know about those two types of people is that it's not like those people just disagree. It's not like one is right and eventually the other one will see that the other one is right and say "oh yeah, I see now, you were right and I was wrong". That will never happen, because those people don't even live in the same universe. We don't live in an objective, material world. We live in a psychological world. We live inside our interpretation of the material world. We live inside our consciousness. And there's not just material in it. There's ideas. Beliefs. There's all kinds of weird stuff. We have no idea what consciousness is really. It's very very complicated. It's probably way outside of the realm of the word "complicated" because it can't be interpreted by our limited human concepts like words. But we live in our consciousness. So our world is psychological. And our individual psychological worlds are very similar to other people's psychological worlds in some ways and very different in others. Hardcore religious people and atheists don't live in the same world. It's not two people disagreeing on whether there is a God. It's two people from different worlds talking a completely different language in different dimensions. 

Even if we proved, beyond doubt, whether there was or wasn't a God, what difference would it make? Not much I don't think. If we proved there was no God the atheist would say "Ha, see, there is no God!". Then what? "Are you going to stop believing in God now?". "No". "Why?!". "I don't want to". "You have to". "No I don't". "You have too!! Look at the evidence!". "I don't care about the evidence". Etc etc. People are complicated. We like order. We like cooperating. But sometimes we like chaos and disagreeing with everything. If you believe too hard in one thing you find it difficult when people don't believe in the same thing because it messes with your beliefs that you hold so dear. It's better to hold beliefs lightly. To know that you're wrong about almost everything. 

That's the problem with some atheists. They believe too hard that there's no God. They're obsessed. They try to convert other people to their atheist ways. They want other people to believe in nothing with them.

I like science. It does amazing things. But is doesn't tell you anything about how to live. Who to be. That's one of the things that the idea of God is: An attempt to work out how to be. Who to be. How to live. What to do. It's not better or worse than science, it's a different tool altogether. 

I don't know what God is. But I'm much more into investigating what it is than joining those mad atheists in knowing for certain that it isn't something. They're too fundamentalist for me.