Monday 18th Feb 2019


A few years ago I lost my mind. I fell apart. I fell into a pit of psychological hell and it took a long time to get out. But I did get out.

As dark as it was, I learned a lot about myself down in hell and in some ways it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

This talk is me sending a message to my depressed self about what I learned about depression and some things that the depressed me could try to do to get out of the pit of sadness.

This talk is aimed at anyone who's trying to help someone with depression or who thinks they might be depressed and doesn't know what to do.

Just to note, I’m not a doctor or a therapist, I’m just someone who gets depressed a lot but has found ways to be ok most of the time.

Freddie Sorensen - Founder, Rebel Lectures

The venue has a full bar and food menu.

The lecture will last about an hour with a short break in the middle.