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What is rebel lectures?

Rebel Lectures is here to inject a bit of show business into the world of lectures. 

Learning is important. But so many of us don’t learn as much as we could because the way the world teaches us things is often boring. Traditional education often excludes people who don't like boringness.

Rebel Lectures are for people who want their lectures to be a bit more intense; more dramatic; more emotional; more anything.

So, if you like learning, but generally find talks and lectures boring, then Rebel Lectures might work for you.

 Life is difficult. Knowledge is power. Arm yourself.


background of the founder

A few years ago I co-founded Rebel Bingo. It was a new, more aggressive style of bingo. It totally fucked the bingo system and changed the game forever. Then I had a nervous breakdown. 

While slowly crawling out of the depths of psychological hell I got addicted to podcasts. Podcasts quickly led to harder learning materials and I soon found myself binge watching hours of back to back lectures on Youtube. School had me thinking I was lazy or useless. But deep into adulthood I discovered a passion for learning that I just hadn't known how to access. I'd awoken a dragon. It felt good. It opened my mind. Opened my life. How could I help others to enjoy the same transformation? And so Rebel Lectures was born.

I want to do for lectures what I helped do for bingo. I want to help others find their true calling. I want more attention. But I also want to be alone. It's complicated.

- Freddie Sorensen, Founder and Lecturer, Rebel Lectures



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